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We believe in using resources to create a tool box of diversity when it comes to living life with liberation. We created this space of free gifts - from us to you - to add to your very own tool box!


"Let'z Build a Tool Box Together!"

Free Gifts From Coach Tipz

Step into each day with an intentional awareness around your thoughts! Check out our step by step plan used to manage your thoughts each week.

Weekly Thought Check!

This checklist is meant to create momentum and implement new thought patterns by our behaviours. Choose one thing daily on this list to start your journey. Choosing realistic goals for ourselves when we are feeling depressed, anxious or low energy is the key to positive change.

Mental Health Checklist

Having a daily check in with yourself is a conscious tool that can be used to increase your awareness. Learning to support yourself throughout your day and accepting how you feel will give you the momentum needed to thrive!

Daily Check In

Sometimes we set goals for ourselves because we “think” it’s what we want. This graphic organizer allows you to get clear about your goals and desires. Discover your true intentions and why with this tool.

Getting to the core

The is a beginner level video to learn the meridian points. The benefits to tapping are backed up with ground breaking science that supports this modality. 
Emotional Freedom Techniques helps reduce anxiety, muscle tension, childhood trauma, stress, disease, physical pain and more. Restore your “life energy” and balance your flow. 

The tapping Sequence

During diaphragmatic breathing, you consciously use your diaphragm to take deep breaths. When you breathe normally, you don't use your lungs to their full capacity. Diaphragmatic breathing changes the way your lungs take in oxygen that can be beneficial for overall health. Release anxiety, create space and bring awareness to our breath!

Diaphragm Breath

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