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Experience and explore profound moments of movement, stillness and well-being. Bring acceptance to our bodies as we move through a gentle sequence of  yoga postures which help build strength, balance, and flexibility in both body and mind. Or simply find a comfortable position and listen along - letting go of stress and anxiety.

Custom Collection

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Welcome to our custom meditation collection. A space of guided discovery where inner peace is found. The healer in you awaits and this exclusive collection paves the path with gentle assistance.


Included in this Package;

Body Relaxation Meditation - 8m49s

Empaths Affirmations - 1m55s

I love Myself Today Affirmation - 1m53s

Higher self Meditation - 8m20s

Forgiveness Meditation - 1m50s

I Take Responsibility Affirmation - 2m05s

Mindful Wellness Affirmation - 2m48s

Morning Affirmations - 2m36s

My Purpose Meditation - 2m43s

Motivational Affirmations - 3m33s


"The cord cutting meditation is one that I will definitely use all the time. I am extremely sensitive to others energies and it worked! Now I feel prepared and supported all on my own by learning this technique."


"The anxiety meditation is my absolute favourite as I implement the awareness piece into my daily conscious life. It’s really helped me except what I’m feeling and release it. My anxiety has dimmed!"


"I burst out into tears. I never expected to feel so much emotion and see my brother who had passed. The message I got I know one hundred percent was a divine one. No one could ever know what he said to me except him. I feel at peace. I feel no sadness. Thank you Mary"

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