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I reached out to Mary for a reiki session after she was recommended by a friend. Mary has created an atmosphere in her space that offers the opportunity to feel safe and relax. My unique experience was profound. I felt Mary had clearly tuned into my own energy and our session yielded some spectacular synchronicities. Mary used a variety of techniques and tools that she intuitively went to gain insight into the energy she was reading and the result for me, was not only a validation of my own deep personal work, but new and transforming perspectives on issues that I was dealing with. Mary has a unique and beautiful gift.


If you desire a mind-blowing and soul fulfilling experience, you've come to the right place! Mary's intuitive abilities and spiritual connection to Source are well honed and accurately communicated to the client. I have learned so much from her about all levels of my being from a higher perspective through energy work and will continue to go to her to deepen my self understanding. you will not regret it!

Reiki Client

Maria has been working with our 10 year old son for a few months.  In that time, we have seen huge changes in our son—his anxiety was so debilitating and he is now so much happier and less anxious.  I don’t know what we would have done without Maria’s amazing tapping sessions and personal life coaching work.  Maria has transformed our son’s life and taught him self confidence and self regulation.  Thank you Maria!


My initial hands on introduction to energy work was through Mary. I started off as a skeptic, not really understanding the potential of this work. Being a skeptic I decided to put it to the test and remained tight lipped about the feelings and physical sensations I was experiencing going through my first reiki session. Allowing her clairvoyance and her inner guidance to do the work paired up with her skills and ability to connect with energy. She was able to get a clear reading, going as far as specifically pinpointing exact parts of my body that was undergoing some friction at that time. This first session happened over a year ago. Since then we've had numerous encounters where we were able to assess and work through different aspects of my life that has caused inner conflict. Because of her work, the way she works, with the compassion and skills she brings to the table, I have been able to further develop who I am with the more clarity in moving forward with my life in a healthy manner. I am beyond grateful that I made that decision to do this work with Mary. Saying it was life changing is an understatement of the depths of the potential that doing this work holds. I am grateful she is a portal in holding this space for myself and others.

Coaching Client

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